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  • Juicing

    Lose Weight and Feel great

    Make a clean break with up to 6 servings of detox liquid and juices which are provided to you in your suites located at 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge along with supplements to boost energy and stop hunger.

  • Colonic




    Daily Coffee enema cleanse.  Hydrate and Kickstart Weight Loss In Less Than 60 Minutes with The Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre clinics

  • Retreat
    In Dublin 4

    2 Day Clean Body Skinny Cleanse

    Lose Weight & Detox The Entire Body Naturally At Irelands Only Detox Suites on Merrion Road. Achieve a renewed understanding of food as well as complete guide to living clean on "the outside"

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Full Body Cleanse & Detox

Whether You Choose To Detox and Hydrate Your Body With Colonic Irrigation In Less Than 60 Minutes Or Undergo Irelands only 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Retreat Programme, Prepare To Be Amazed With the Positive Changes In Your Appearance And Mood Instantly.

By undergoing a detox holiday, you can be away from the temptations of every day life whilst you clear your mind and body as you prepare to change your life and your eating habits forever. During the 5 day stay, you will undergo colonic irrigation as you detox your entire body and your own journey to health and vitality begins. With a variety of detox and weight loss programmes to choose from, Dublin Vitality Centre offers you the support and framework you need whatever your requirements are. You will lose inches. You will feel alive and full of energy and you will lose your cravings for the processed salt and fat laden foods that are robbing you of your vitality and joy every day.
If you have been left feeling sluggish, lethargic and heavier over the past years, months or decades and given up trying to lose weight, its time to wipe the slate clean and let your body return to basics. With so much confusing and incorrect information about diets and weight loss, its easy to become disheartened. But you need not be. Dublin Vitality Centres Colonic Irrigation Detox programmes are designed to restore your energy levels and improve your health naturally, enabling every cell of your body to shine with the vitality and hydration that is rightfully yours. That is why the 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse includes one major underpinning detox treatment that differentiates it from any other retreat programme in Ireland.  Colonic Irrigation is an absolute must when cleansing and serves as the frame work for every professional detox and weight loss programme. Thats because it is virtually impossible to lose weight and feel your best when your system is toxic. That is a fact. If you are seeking a full body detox cleanse and weight loss programme, The 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Retreat offers a full body cleanse that requires minimal self discipline, denial or restrant. It is based on ordinary real nutrients in the form of juices. These juices offer the essential minerals that your body was designed to eat. It does not contain energy bars or processed snacks, powered shakes or any of the artifiicial ingredients that are often labeled as "detox" foods. It begins with a full body colonic irrigation cleanse offered to you within a professional clinic on Merrion Road, where you can also stay for the duration of the retreat. In just 5 days, you will be bursting with energy and vitality with a slimmer waistline and a new zest for life and you will have gained a whole new understanding of food and how it affects you. You will leave the detox retreat armed with recipes, shopping list and most important of all a full understanding of why cleansing, colonics and detox are so important for your health. Change the way you live and eat forever. Most people lose additional weight in the weeks that follow.

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KickStart Weight Loss With
Colonic Irrigation Dublin

If your weight loss has come to a halt and you feel that you have hit the brick wall with your fitness routine, the answer is very often related to excess hormones and toxins circulating in your colon and liver. Dublin Vitality Centres 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Programmes are developed by nutritionist and detox expert, Frances Flannery. Frances is the only internationally certified instructor of colonic hydrotherapy in Ireland. She is nurse trained and has been running Dublin Vitality Center for 6 years. She holds a post graduate degree in business. She began her career as designer and held the prestigious position of in-house graphic designer for Brown Thomas Dublin for many years. This is where she honed a love and understanding of colour and art which she brings into the programme using Aura Soma colour therapy oils. Her programmes often include trips to art galleries to inspire and revive the mind during detox. "I find modern art has a profound influence on the mind when detoxing. It can be very therapeutic." Frances Flannery. For those who live a busy pressured lifestyle, the need to detox and kick start weight loss is often shelved and postpone. If you are due some "me time" you cannot find a better present to yourself than the 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Retreat where you will discover how to get your sparkle back...forever.

Clearer Skin With
Colonic Irrigation Dublin

When you undergo The 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Retreat at Dublin Vitality Centre, you are benefiting from the most powerful and intensive detox treatments in the world. This unique programme is designed to remove toxins, reduce bloating, reduce cellulite and help your skin to glow and improve. An advanced combination of colonic hydrotherapy and juicing plays a vital role in ridding the body of unwanted toxins. A toxic body will show in your skin and signs of premature aging will intensify. The immitable 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Retreat programme begins with colonic hydrotherapy to move toxicity from the skin towards the colon and liver. These toxins are then removed during colonic irrigation and the daily liver enemas which form part of the programme. When the colon is clear, the liver is targeted and weight loss is boosted with daily herbal green bean liver coffee enemas to cleanse and remove years of impaction and boost your immune system. The result is a feeling of total rejuvenation and instantly increased vitality. Eyes sparkle with hydration and health. Dont miss your place . Book the 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Retreat Programme at Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge, Today 01-9018359

Lose Bloat With
Colonic Irrigation Dublin

Because your body is cleansed and detoxed of years of impaction and mucoid plaque over 5 days, you will be instantly relieved of the discomfort of bloating and constipation which many people come to think of as normal. Very often we forget how it feels to feel great. It is a fact that the colon and liver are not designed to deal with fizzy drinks, carbonated water, alcohol, medications, preservatives and the hormones found commonly in every day food. Add to that the stress of every day life and the speed at which we live and eat, and you can see why bloating and constipation are major contributory factors to disease and why everyone should detox. When your body is relieved of the heaviness that you experience during bloating and constipation, your energy levels soar and your natural sparkle returns. You will lose inches as cravings for unhealthy foods disappear as a result of your body being " rebooted" back to its default mode, the one that nature set. The one that asks you to eat nutrients that were designed to nourish and hydrate each and every living cell in your body , the nutrients that you will find on The 2 Day Detox Holiday Cleanse Detox Programme.

Improve Gut Health With
Colonic Irrigation Dublin

Everyone knows that fibre is good for your bowel. Many people are now aware that probiotics should be taken after a course of anti-biotics. But did you know that most probiotics rely on actually surviving the acids of the gastric tract before they can perform their duties in your colon? When you undergo colonic irrigation or any detox programme at Dublin Vitality Centre, you be given the most advanced clinical grade pre and probiotics. These prebiotics are coated with an advanced material which allow them to survive the entire journey of digestion so that they are still intact when they reach your gut. That is what makes them different. Colonic irrigation combined with advanced pre and probiotics is the best way to rid your gut of unwanted fungus, candida and bacteria and replace it with friendly acidophilus. This is a natural approach for controling the growth of candida and restoring good gut health naturally which will relieve you of itchy skin, sugar cravings and even yeast infections. On the programme you will be given daily supplements to increase energy and aid weight loss naturally along with probiotics. This allows your body to have what it needs as you reduce your appetite naturally.

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At Dublin Vitality Centre® Clinic and Suites, you will begin your detox with a clean toxin free body instantly. That is why Dublin Vitality Centre® clinics are the NO.1 Weight Loss and Detox Clinics in Ireland. Book Today on 01-9018359.

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